First steps

This passion for investing generally takes root from our early childhood. The collection of various objects arouses the interest of any amateur collector. Over the years, it is the rare objects that attract our desire, and it is at this precise moment that we understand that it is difficult to part with these treasures which have, in our eyes, an inestimable value!

Our journey

After gaining experience as a photography advisor for an art gallery, as well as several years in the sale of luxury spirits for one of the largest companies in the world, I seized the meteoric wave in the middle of art in the form of NFTs and in the growing world of cryptocurrencies.

Our customer portfolio is very diverse: wine merchants, luxury boutiques, art galleries, starred restaurants... all these places bringing together epicureans at heart and who have a common interest: the art of living.

Our vision

We pay particular attention to our customers by emphasizing the quality of service, informed advice, and real assistance when selling our products.